About the Artist

A wall with stars being projected onto it

About the Artist

Owlet Amethyst Hourglass

They/She, We/Us

It can be scary walking alone. When we ignore or insult the needs and suffering of others, we lose them. People should not fade into silence. Our artwork brings light to disabilities, mental and physical, through the development of sculptures, interactive objects, assistive devices, and writing. Our pieces retell our experiences of day to day life living with plurality, depression, BPD, autism, mobility, and much more. Occasionally, our works are driven by random hyperfixation and thrown into our head by some cruel unforgiving god….
In plurality, different alters take up different skillsets. Teres and Taz do creative writing which manifests into laser etchings. Xaler and Tico create sculptures with woodworking as well as assistive devices using 3D printing. This includes research, product development, outreach, and running a store. Derex does fabric work and drawing of owls.
We strive to make work that is informative, assistive, or something to lighten someone's day; Because no one should need to walk alone.

A photo of us along with our cuddly service dog Campy