A wall with stars being projected onto it

Hello! We are the Hourglass system. We use they/she and we/us pronouns.

We are an art student slowly becoming an art teacher. Our primary focus is disability activism and assistive art and writing. We currently are in college and working at a local maker space as a technician. We teach classes and one-on-one along with doing machine maintenance on the 3D printers.

We are cooperating with disability organizations, disabled communities, and disabled individuals on creating assistive devices for obscure issues. The project is called Owlet Wings. We have a whole mini manufacturing plant in our apartment where we can prototype and develop these devices quickly and at reasonable prices. We have been pouring our heart and soul into it. We love creating positive impacts on people's day-to-day, no matter how small or large.

We create all kinds of sculptures, drawings, and devices using a lot of bizarre and often dangerous materials and machines. Most commonly the alters Teres and Taz do creative writing, Xaler and Tico do the sculptures and devices, Derex does the fabric work and drawing, and other alters all have their own favorite processes.

Our primary focus is disability activism and assistive art/writing, especially for more obscure or invisible disabilities. When we ignore or insult the needs and suffering of others, we lose them. People should not fade into silence.