A purple heart surrounded by text with our system's symbol in the middle. The text reads "Put us together - Tear us apart - You cannot shatter what's already fractured - Only put the pieces back together and find beauty in their patterns - The Hourglass System". The center symbol is fractured and made up of different colors. The purple heart is constructed of different plates. Some are blank, the rest have the symbols of our different alters. Some of them are decorated by those alters.

Plural Heart

Date: 3May2023
Alter: All
Material: 3D printed PLA, magnets, laser engraved hardboard
Size: 159.4cm*189cm*1.4cm

A right 45 profile of the alter chip necklace on the purple head model.

Alter Chip Jewelry

Date: 5Dec2022
Alter: Xaler, Tico, Derex
Material: 3D Printed
Size: 4.7cm*4.8cm*0.7cm

Secured around a purple mount representing a wheelchair handle is a gray spiky silicone wrap.

Wheelchair Soft Spikes

Date: 20Apr2023
Alter: Myra, Teres
Material: Silicone
Size: Variable, trim to fit

Both halves of the Medbox. On the left is the base. A red star-glittered box with six indents and two magnets on the front facing side. On the left a purple glittery lid with six labels stating names for different medications, also with two magnets.


Date: 25Apr2023
Alter: Medi, Derex, Xaler, Tico
Material: Food safe resin
Size: 9cm*11.2cm*2.6cm

Two identical metal cards that on one side haS a red cross with the word "Seizure", once in the center and two on each side. On the other side, there is the word "Seizure" on the top, then a description of the type of seizure, and then instructions on how to help.

Crisis Cards 

Date: 4Dec2022
Alter: Medi, Derex, Xaler, Tico
Material: Dye sublimated metal cards
Size: 5.5cm*8.5cm

A harp made out of a piece of live wood. It's grain is vivid and colorful. It has a blockish exterior shape and a natural-appearing cavity in the center. Across that cavity lies 18 strings. On the left side of the piece is a section of the bark. It still maintains all of the moss and everything from when the tree was first cut down.

Harvested Harp

Date: 20Jun21
Alter: Xaler
Material: Live wood, resin, tuning pegs, guitar strings
Size: 65cm*50cm*3.5cm