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Work In Progress. Status Indicator. Derex, Tico.


Plural Heart. 3May2023. All alters.
Medbox. 25Apr2023. Medi, Derex, Xaler, Tico.
Wheelchair Soft Spikes. 20Apr2023. Myra, Teres.
Med Mix and Match. 16Apr2023. Teres, Myra, Xaler. Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self Harm, Mania, Drugs.
Medication Warning Blanket. 6Apr2023. Teres. Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self Harm, Mania, Drugs


Alter Chip Jewelry. 5Dec2022. Xaler, Tico, Derex.
Crisis Cards. 4Dec2022. Medi, Derex, Xaler, Tico. Trigger Warnings: Medical
I'm sorry we didn't ask for help. 22Nov2022. Derex, Xaler. Trigger Warnings: Medical.
Feel Worse Soon. 20Oct2022. Xaler, Teres. Trigger warnings: Medical
Pill Bottle Mural. 26Sep2022. Xaler, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Medication.
Disabilities of the Consumer. 15Sep22. Xaler, Taz. Trigger warnings: Violence


You Are Beautiful Tokens. 26Sep21. Teres, Taz.
Adina Astra Model. 30Aug21. Tico, Teres, Xaler.
Harvested Harp. Xaler.


Owl Pendant. 16Nov2020. Xaler.
Queen of the Sentient Skulls. 30Apr2020. Derex.
Owl Mural. 12Dec2020. V.


Bullet Backpack. 11Dec2019. Xaler, Teres. Trigger warnings: Gun Violence
Noticing Sensory.11Dec2019. Xaler, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Self Harm


Pastel Friend. 19Nov2018. Derex.
Typewriter Time. 3Nov2018. Derex, Teres.
The Deer with the Stars. 27May2018. Derex.