Devices and Descriptors

Our current body of work merges conceptual and functional pieces to create a body of work that ties art representing the disability with assistive devices we have designed. This will help foster an understanding of these devices to an abled audience and give a sense of connection and shared experience to a disabled audience. We strive to make work that is informative and assistive, because no one should need to walk alone.


A lot of these works are interactive! But before you play with one of the pieces, please check next to the wall label for these symbols. They will let you know if you can or cannot interact with it. Thank you and happy interacting!



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Artist Statement

It can be scary walking alone. When we ignore or insult the needs and suffering of others, we lose them. People should not fade into silence. We are the Hourglass System. We are plural, which means we have multiple alters (personalities). Each alter creates different types of work. Our collective artworks retell our experiences with and bring awareness to mental and physical disabilities through development of sculptures, interactive objects, assistive devices, and writing.
Teres and Taz do creative and research-based writing, occasionally made into laser etchings. They retell our experiences in vivid and analogous detail. In Somatic Experiencing: Blood they describe, in visceral and explicit detail, what it’s like to experience flashbacks to events that never explicitly happened. They also develop engaging and intriguing resources to help others better understand different conditions. Our Plural FAQ seeks to address the most common questions about DID and plurality.
Xaler and Tico create multi-material sculptures as well as assistive devices using 3D printing. They have worked with resin and live wood to create beautiful harps that preserve the natural beauty of live wood down to the moss and dirt. Their development with assistive devices was born out of necessity, because we operate in a world that seldom accommodates us. They create simple and inexpensive solutions to seemingly uncommon issues. One example of these efforts can be found in our Crisis Cards, which provide detailed explanations of how others can help the individual with the cards during a medical emergency.
Our body of work merges conceptual and functional pieces to create a collection that ties art representing the disability with assistive devices we have designed and created. Our goal is to help foster an understanding of these disabilities—and assistive devices—to an abled audience. We also hope to offer a sense of connection and shared experience to a disabled audience. Because we will not fade into silence.


Medication, medication, medication. The endless orange bottles leaving no space in our backpack for anything else. Sometimes it feels like all we are is medication. It gets tiring fast. The least we can do is make it easier for us to carry and take when we need. So, we did.

Medbox. 25Apr2023. Medi, Derex, Xaler, Tico.
Med Mix and Match. 16Apr2023. Teres, Myra, Xaler. Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self Harm, Mania, Drugs.


We are an object. We’re just a chair in the way. We’re an inconvenience to put down the ramp. We’re the test of patience. Some people don’t understand how to just wait five fucking seconds for us to move. Or they think it’s okay to grab our handles without consent. So, now we must be able to defend ourselves. Actively. Because people can’t understand to keep their damn hands to themselves.

YOU WILL NEVER HURT ME AGAIN. 5Dec2022. Chloe. Trigger warnings: Sharps, Violence, Assault.
Wheelchair Soft Spikes. 20Apr2023. Myra, Teres.


Expressing plurality is an extremely difficult thing. This mostly comes from the stigma, misinformation, and lack of public knowledge of plurality. If you don't know what we're talking about in this section, you can learn more about DID and plurality in our Plural FAQ. For those who do, this pairing is about communication about our plural experience, resilience, and self expression between alters.

Plural Heart. 3May2023. All alters.
Alter Chip Jewelry. 5Dec2022. Xaler, Tico, Derex.


It’s easy to hide medical or psychiatric episodes. It’s even easier to not ask for help. Is it healthy to have seizures alone? Absolutely not. Is it easy to ask for help? Absolutely not. Sometimes it’s hard to even conceptualize what could help. Especially during an episode. Having anything to help others help you can make a massive difference. And the most important thing is what’s most difficult. Communication.

I'm sorry we didn't ask for help. 22Nov2022. Derex, Xaler. Trigger Warnings: Medical.
Crisis Cards. 4Dec2022. Medi, Derex, Xaler, Tico. Trigger Warnings: Medical