What did we do to you

What did we do to you


What did we do to you?
Do you even know our name?
Anything beyond our physical appearance?
Anything not whispered in the cafeteria?

Did we hurt you somehow?
Did we look at you funny?
Does our existence somehow hurt you?
Did we fuck your mom?

What is it?
Did we do something so evil to you, you can’t face us?
Or are you too much of a fucking wimp to say it to our face?
Are you gonna fucking answer us?

Can you give us a hint?
Just a little one?
Maybe something about our hair?
Maybe its because we’re a cripple who can pass as ‘normal’?

Or is it the autism?
Or is it the transgenderism?
Or is it the depression?
Or is it our insistent questions?

Perhaps its nothing?
But then why were we the last person in our college to get a roommate at the mixer?
But then why were we the kid who was so bullied they liked the punishment of sitting alone?
But then why were we the one always ghosted by everyone in high school?

Why does no one else talk to us first?
Why do people know our name if they never say it to us?
Why does everyone stare at the floor when they see us?
Why do they cling to the walls when we pass when they have space to walk by?

Did we hurt you?
Did we do something?
Are you trying to hurt us?
What the fuck is it?

Fucking answer me!