Hey, I'm Taz. I'm a writer. I'm generally melancholic but in a way I kind of like. Staring out of a window at 3am when it's raining out is my kind of vibe. I go between stories and informational writings. I will usually intertwine the two. I've made books, poems, medical reference material, presentations, all kinds of stuff. I also deep dive and gather and consolidate information about the system. That gives me access to a lot of our memories and stories to be able to write out our experiences.



DID FAQ. Taz, Teres, Xaler, Derex, Tico. Trigger warnings: Spoilered in article


Plural Heart. 3May2023. All alters.
What did we do to you? 19Feb2023. Taz.


Pill Bottle Mural. 26Sep2022. Xaler, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Medication.
Disabilities of the Consumer. 15Sep22. Xaler, Taz. Trigger warnings: Violence
Oh, Hey again, Again. 11May22. Taz. Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self Harm, Illness, Medication Misuse, Abuse
Our Camera Roll Sucks. 2Mar2022. Taz. Trigger Warnings: Medical, Sexual Assault, Abuse, Self Harm, Transphobia, Terrorism.
Our nights can be disorienting. 2Mar2022. Taz. Trigger Warnings: Ableist slurs, Seizures, Derealization.
I walked through the gate. 31Jan2022. Taz.
We Stopped Fighting. 17Jan22. Chloe, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Rape, Suicide, Violence.
Concrete Jungle. 30Jan2022. Taz, Myra. Trigger Warnings: Drugs, Unreality.


You Are Beautiful Tokens. 26Sep21. Teres, Taz.
We Keep Dying. 23Jul21. Taz. Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self Harm, Gore, Abuse, Sexual Assault, Medical
What Forms My Projects. 24Apr2021. Teres, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Self Harm, Suicide


Noticing Sensory.11Dec2019. Xaler, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Self Harm
Lost Students. 19May2019. Taz. Trigger Warnings: School Violence, Death, Suicide


Fractured. 23Apr2017. Taz. 23Apr2017.