Hey, I'm Taz. I'm a writer. I'm generally melancholic but in a way I kind of like. Staring out of a window at 3am when it's raining out is my kind of vibe. I go between stories and informational writings. I will usually intertwine the two. I've made books, poems, medical reference material, presentations, all kinds of stuff. I also deep dive and gather and consolidate information about the system. That gives me access to a lot of our memories and stories to be able to write out our experiences.



Plural Heart. 3May2023. All alters.
What did we do to you? 19Feb2023. Taz.


Pill Bottle Mural. 26Sep2022. Xaler, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Medication.
Disabilities of the Consumer. 15Sep22. Xaler, Taz. Trigger warnings: Violence
Oh, Hey again, Again. 11May22. Taz. Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self Harm, Illness, Medication Misuse, Abuse
Our Camera Roll Sucks. 2Mar2022. Taz. Trigger Warnings: Medical, Sexual Assault, Abuse, Self Harm, Transphobia, Terrorism.
Our nights can be disorienting. 2Mar2022. Taz. Trigger Warnings: Ableist slurs, Seizures, Derealization.
I walked through the gate. 31Jan2022. Taz.
We Stopped Fighting. 17Jan22. Chloe, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Rape, Suicide, Violence.
Concrete Jungle. 30Jan2022. Taz, Myra. Trigger Warnings: Drugs, Unreality.


You Are Beautiful Tokens. 26Sep21. Teres, Taz.
We Keep Dying. 23Jul21. Taz. Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Self Harm, Gore, Abuse, Sexual Assault, Medical
What Forms My Projects. 24Apr2021. Teres, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Self Harm, Suicide


Noticing Sensory.11Dec2019. Xaler, Taz. Trigger Warnings: Self Harm
Lost Students. 19May2019. Taz. Trigger Warnings: School Violence, Death, Suicide


Fractured. 23Apr2017. Taz. 23Apr2017.